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  • Courses are intensive and in-depth. We make SURE you know your reference books and how to use them.
  • We show you how and where to tab/highlight your reference books.
  • Learn simple ways to turn difficult math problems into easy to answer questions.
  • Up-to-date workbooks providing questions and answers that mirror prior exams so you gain experience practicing on realistic exam material.

Expert Instructors. Every BTES instructor who you work with in our classes has actually taken the time to learn, study, and pass numerous contractor trade and business exams. You not only get the opportunity to work with an expert test-taker, you get the chance to learn the exact same methods that make over 95% of our students pass this test the very first time, with a reliable “No Pass – No Pay” Guarantee.

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BTES students have over a 95% pass rate AND a No Pass – No Pay Guarantee.

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All construction examinations, except Plumbing Contractor, are administered in computer-based testing format. After a candidate has been approved by Professional Testing, Inc., they may schedule to sit for their examination(s) by contacting the department’s examination vendor, Pearson VUE. To locate a Pearson VUE Test Center near you, as well as to check that site’s availability, use this link to view the vendor website for more details:

Admission to the Examination
When registering at the test center, you will be required to have the following items:

Two forms of valid signature identification, one of which is government issued: driver’s license, state identification card, passport or military identification card. Student or employment I.D. cards and photo bearing credit cards are not acceptable as picture bearing identification. Candidates will not be admitted without showing proper identification. Your name and address must match what was submitted on your application.

Download the complete Candidate Information Booklet for the Construction Licensure Examinations.

To apply online:
To apply by phone: 407.264.0562

Required Reference Books

State Reference Books

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Troubleshooting Handbook, 2nd Edition, 2003
  • Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926, July 2022
  • Pipefitters Handbook, 3rd Edition
  • NFPA 90A: Installation of A/C & Ventilating Systems, 2015
  • NFPA 90B: Installation of Warm Air Heating and A/C Systems, 2021
  • NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, 2017
  • SMACNA Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards, 8th Edition, 2021
  • SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal & Flexible, 4th Edition, 2020
  • SMACNA Energy Systems Analysis & Management, 2nd Edition, 2014
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology, 9th Ed.
  • Trane Ductulator, 1976 or later
  • Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida, 2020
  • Florida Building Code: Mechanical, 2020
  • Florida Building Code: Energy Conservation, 2020

Additional Reference Books For Mechanical

  • NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities 2018
  • Florida Building Code: Fuel Gas, 2020

State Business & Finance

  • AIA 201: General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2017
  • AIA 401: Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor-Subcontractor, 2017
  • AIA 701: Instructions to Bidders, 2018
  • Builder’s Guide to Accounting, 2001
  • Florida Statutes Chapter 455, 2021
  • Florida Contractor’s Manual, 2021

The examination reference book lists are complete and represent the current information for exams. As always, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the latest reference list and to insure that the books that they have match the list. At BTES, we make every effort to be up-to-date and complete with our materials. But it is always a good idea to verify the accuracy of those materials.

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