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Florida Business & Finance Exam

Building Trades Education Services offers a Florida Business & Finance Exam prep course. Every tradesperson who wants to obtain a Florida Contractor License must take this exam (Contractors who are already licensed are exempt unless you get a certified pool service license or an electrical license). BTES has over 40 years experience helping people pass this exam. Not only will you get to work with expert instructors with vast teaching experience, you also get to work with the most up to date materials. We’ll teach you time-saving techniques that will help you solve the difficult problems.

You can expect this class to teach how to pass this critical exam the very first time. Topics covered include:

  • Business Organization
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Insurance and Bonding
  • Financial Management
  • Estimating and Bidding
  • OSHA Record keeping
  • Tax Laws
  • Lien Law
  • Licensing
  • Personnel
  • Regulations

At BTES, our trade is your success. Let us help you pass the Business & Finance exam the very first time. For further information, or to register for a class call 1.800.832.2496, or use the BTES contact form and we will get right back to you.

Required Reference Books

State Business & Finance

  • AIA 201: General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2017
  • AIA 401: Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor-Subcontractor, 2017
  • AIA 701: Instructions to Bidders, 2018
  • Builder’s Guide to Accounting, 2001
  • Florida Statutes Chapter 455, 2018
  • Florida Contractor’s Manual, 2017

The examination reference book lists are complete and represent the current information for exams. As always, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the latest reference list and to insure that the books that they have match the list. At BTES, we make every effort to be up-to-date and complete with our materials. But it is always a good idea to verify the accuracy of those materials.

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