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Even after years of on-site field experience, tradespeople must still take the state-mandated Florida Specialty Structures licensing exam. This crucial and necessary step is seen as difficult by many because of the math-intensive nature of the exam. However, when you ask one of the contractors who chose Building Trades Education Services (BTES) for their licensing exam prep, you’ll discover proven ways to tackle this contractor exam. Trade knowledge ranks very low in what’s necessary for you to pass this exam. Finding obscure information in obscure locations within reference manuals is a favorite tactic of test preparers and administrators. It’s not what you know but where it is in a book that wins on test day!

For 48 years, the BTES instructors have provided tradesmen with the test-taking skills needed to pass the Florida Specialty Structures contractors licensing exam. Our exam prep course has proven to be the difference for new and seasoned contractors alike throughout the State of Florida.

What to expect

After you register for the 4-day (2 days trade / 2 days business) Specialty Structure Contractors Exam Prep course from BTES to obtain your specialty contractors license:

  • Focused trade classes; no mixing of unrelated trades.
  • Smaller class size to ensure that you receive personal attention.
  • Participate from the comfort of your home or office with our virtual classes led by a live BTES instructor. Cost effective and convenient, our Virtual Classes will save on the expense and travel time of going to a live class.
  • Courses are intensive and in-depth. We make SURE you know your reference books and how to use them.
  • We show you how and where to tab/highlight your reference books.
  • Learn simple ways to turn difficult math problems into easy to answer questions.
  • Up-to-date workbooks providing questions and answers that mirror prior exams so you gain experience practicing on realistic exam material.

Who Teaches the Course?

Our instructors know the Florida Contractor exams inside and out. By taking the exams themselves, our instructors have an edge that we pass onto you. You will never hear any outdated information, or learn test-taking methods that don’t work. By taking our course, you give yourself the best chance to learn and pass your Contractors exams.

Facts to know

A Specialty Structure Contractor is a contractor whose services are limited to the execution of contracts requiring the experience, knowledge and skill necessary for the fabrication, assembling, handling, erection, installation, replacement, dismantling, adjustment, alteration, repair, servicing and design work when not prohibited by law, in accordance with accepted engineering data and/or according to manufacturers specifications in the aluminum, metal, canvas, vinyl and fiberglass screening, doors and windows, hurricane protection devices and allied construction materials. The scope of such work includes and is limited to:

  • fabric coverings on metal substructures, screened porches, screened enclosures, pool enclosures, preformed panel-post and beam roofs, manufactured housing roof-overs, vinyl or acrylic panel window enclosures, guardrails, handrails, aluminum and vinyl fences
  • the installation or replacement of windstorm protective devices, single story self-contained aluminum utility storage structures (not to exceed 720 sq. ft.), residential glass window and door enclosures, sunrooms, siding, soffit, fascia and gutters.
  • wood work incidental to the aluminum and allied materials construction work.
  • construction of wood framing for the walls of uninhabitable utility storage structures, raised wood decks for enclosures, and the repair and/or replacement of wood incidental to the installation of glass windows and doors, installation of siding, soffit, fascia, gutters and preformed panel-post and beam roofs.

You can Depend on BTES

We give you everything you need to successfully maintain and renew your State License. For further information, or to register for a class call 800.832.2496, or use the BTES contact form and we will get right back to you.


All construction examinations, except Plumbing Contractor, are administered in computer-based testing format. After a candidate has been approved by Professional Testing, Inc., they may schedule to sit for their examination(s) by contacting the department’s examination vendor, Pearson VUE. To locate a Pearson VUE Test Center near you, as well as to check that site’s availability, use this link to view the vendor website for more details: https://home.pearsonvue.com/fl/construction

Admission to the Examination
When registering at the test center, you will be required to have the following items:

Two forms of valid signature identification, one of which is government issued: driver’s license, state identification card, passport or military identification card. Student or employment I.D. cards and photo bearing credit cards are not acceptable as picture bearing identification. Candidates will not be admitted without showing proper identification. Your name and address must match what was submitted on your application.

Download the complete Candidate Information Booklet for the Construction Licensure Examinations.

To apply online: http://www.floridaexam.com/
To apply by phone: 407.264.0562

Required Reference Books

State Reference Books

UPDATE: Beginning JULY 1st 2021, 2020 versions of Florida Building Code Books will be used for exams.

  • Walker’s Building Estimator’s Reference Book, 31st Edition, 2017
  • Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926, January 2020
  • Concrete Masonry Handbook for Architects, Engineers, Builders, 6th Edition, 2008
  • Design of Wood Frame Structures for Permanence, 2006
  • Vinyl Siding Installation Manual: A How-To Guide, 2018
  • Guide to Aluminum Construction in High Wind Areas (Student Edition), 2010
  • Concrete Finisher’s Guide, 2006
  • Florida Building Code: Building, 2020
  • Florida Building Code: Residential, 2020

Business & Finance

UPDATE: Beginning October 1st 2021, the 2021 Florida Contractors Manual will be used for exams.

  • AIA 201: General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2017
  • AIA 401: Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor-Subcontractor, 2017
  • AIA 701: Instructions to Bidders, 2018
  • Builder’s Guide to Accounting, 2001
  • Florida Statutes Chapter 455, 2018
  • Florida Contractor’s Manual, 2021

The examination reference book lists are complete and represent the current information for exams. As always, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the latest reference list and to insure that the books that they have match the list. At BTES, we make every effort to be up-to-date and complete with our materials. But it is always a good idea to verify the accuracy of those materials.

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