By fully immersing yourself into our Contractor’s Licensing Exam courses, you’ll gain confidence, test-taking skills, and the knowledge that you can and WILL pass your state or county exams. When you sign up for our live exam prep courses, you can expect to work with teachers who create a curriculum based on proven teaching methods. See what our successful students have to say:

Brian O’ Connor – General Contractor – May 2024

The classes are perfectly designed to help you pass the exams on your first attempt. BTES has developed an excellent strategy for taking the test. The courses really helped me to efficiently utilize every second of the exams. Sam and Jess in the office are an absolute pleasure to deal with and are extremely helpful in navigating the confusing DBPR Online licensing website.

Dillon Logan Miller – Residential Contractor – July 2023

I could not have done this without the help of Jessica, Sam and Nan. The course they offer is very thorough, well put together, and covers everything needed to study and pass the exams. The way their course and classes are set up made everything easy to follow along, and I was able to pass all three of my exams on the first try.

The office staff walked me through every step of the application process, and made sure I had the proper trade credentials and experience before starting the course, potentially saving me time and money had I not been ready. Their objective was to help me get my license not just sell me a course. I had BTES help me fill out my license application and submit it for me, and I can’t even explain how well worth it was!

Kenny Duong – Building/Roofing – September 2023

Thank you Building Trade Education Services. I passed all of my trade and business exams on the first try. The Instructor, Stuart is the best and Jessica was excellent in Customer Service. I definitely recommend your company to anyone wanting to pass their Construction exams.

Mary Morrow – Electrical – March 2023

I just wanted to take moment and thank you all for your help in getting my Unlimited Electrical license. The classes, teachers, books and staff were all fantastic and easy to work with. Carol helped with my licensing paperwork and I was approved even before the board meeting! The license means the world to me and my family and you all were a huge part of this accomplishment for me. Thanks again.

Kevin Johnson – GBR – February 2023

I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent support and guidance provided by your organization in facilitating my acquisition of my Certified General Contractors license. I would like to extend a special thanks to the Licensing staff (Carol), whose professionalism, extensive knowledge, and expert guidance made the entire process significantly smoother and more manageable. Her contributions were invaluable, and her dedication played a crucial role in helping me to achieve my goal quickly and efficiently. I am grateful that we hired such a knowledgeable and dedicated team, and I will not hesitate to recommend Building Trades Educational Services to others in the future. Thank you again for everything and for making a difference in my career.

Richard Mahoney – Business – September 2022

First of all let me thank you for getting me through the state business exam. It was more challenging than the trade exam I took. Nan taught me how to do the Percentage of Completion form of accounting. Stuart taught me the break-even point, both of these different styles of accounting really did help in the more than 50 questions I encountered during the exam. Plus I used BTES for the board review and I now have my license. We did it! Thank you BTES.

Bobbi and Ron Erhart – Pool – September 2022

You have a fabulous employee named Jessica. You are so lucky to have her in your employment. She went way out of her way to help us. She is the epitome of patience and customer service. She was kind, caring, and compassionate.

Aslamy – AC – June 2022

Thank you! I can definitely say this is the best school. Stuarts method helped me incredibly for the Business & Finance and the AC trade portion of the exam. I can’t say enough about the school and the Office. Jessica has been amazing from day one. I also did my licensing paperwork with them for DPBR and it went smoothly and quickly.

Ken – Solar – June 2021

If it were not for BTES, I would not have passed the Solar exam. Their unique method of test taking helps to preserve time by not switch books constantly. Their method to study removed the confusion of “which book is that in” and made my ability to pass the test a reality. I strongly recommend their services to anyone wishing to pass construction exams.

Eric Clauss – Plumbing – April 2021

BTES prepared me for the Plumbing trades knowledge and Business and Finance exams. BTES shows you the process for navigating text books to find what you are looking for quickly, highlighting and tabbing the right places, and providing you with useful information and practice tests in their study guides. These practices allowed me to pass both the trade knowledge and business/finance the first time. Trust me, you don’t want to take either of these tests twice. Follow the process, you will be successful.

Mathew – Plumbing – March 2021

I passed the Florida State Plumbing exam first try thanks to Building Trades Education Services in Sarasota. The BTES office personnel are all courteous. They gave me the tools to succeed. The instructor of the class is very knowledgeable, and went above and beyond. I felt very confident after taking the class and I literally passed my first attempt. Big thanks to Stuart.

If you focus and work hard, you can do it. I would highly recommend BTES if you want to take the Plumbing exam.

Francisco – Plumbing – March 2021

I’d like to say thanks to Stuart. He’s a very good teacher. I took the tests following his advice and I passed with good scores. Hey guys…although I had an excellent support and orientation from Stuart and the BTES staff, the process took me a lot of time studying at home (at least 3 hours a day). So, with commitment and personal effort, a good teacher is the right choice to get your approval to pass the exams.

Cheyenne Swindle – Roofing – February 2021

Learned so much at my 2-day tutoring classes. I was able to get a more “in depth” look at each one of my trade books. I feel confident in my test after taking this course.

Donovan – Business & Finance – Oct 2020

After taking the Business and Trade exams for Lee County and failing I was contacted by Building Trades Education Services. The BTES Instructor, Nan Nahum explained in detail how the BTES process works. Yes, you need to go through your books, tab them, and highlight as required, and so forth, but because of the time pressure in the exam, success warrants that you follow the BTES systems.

After failing the business exam in the ’60s the week before, I passed with 96% (48/50) following the BTES system. I had not used BTES’s system for trade and failed (60’s). After talking to Nan she advised using the BTES system again… I passed the Trade exam the following Tuesday with a 94% (46/50). When I told the Proctor that I passed with a high grade, he asked how I went from failing to almost one hundred percent; I told him it is the Building Trades Education Services system!

Johnny – Plumbing – Jun 2020

Super pleased with BTES! Incredibly grueling studying for several days in a row from 8-5 but if you want to take your career to the next level, YOU NEED to get serious and take on BTES. I have been studying for this license for nearly a year and 4 of those months were without BTES. I had to take the exam twice even with all of the studying I have done. If it weren’t for BTES, I would still be at square 1. I still need to take the business test but I can happily say the grueling 9 hour plumbing exam is finally behind me thanks to BTES!

Richard – General Contractor – Jun 2020

BTES and Denise have been great to work with. I took the General Contractor test prep class and have used them for my licensing. I cannot say enough great things about them and Denise and how they have helped me through this process. Thanks.

Christina – General Contractor – Mar 2020

The Instructor was very knowledgeable. He went through all the books in a timely manner and I was able to pass the test on the first take. I also appreciate the virtual class as I am in Miami and could not make it to central Florida, but needed to take the test. I used your company 15 years ago for my building license and am glad I came back. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Crystal – Glass & Glazing – Nov 2019

I decided I wanted to become a State Glass and Glazing contractor to expand our residential window replacement company. From the beginning of this process Denise and everyone at Building Trade Education Services were accommodating and more than helpful. I called Denise daily to ask questions regarding books, classes, and things I would need. Denise never seemed bothered by the countless amount of times she had to change my estimate and gladly helped me. She has a true passion for what she does. Building Trade Education Services allowed us to repeat classes after failed tests with no cost out of pocket only time. To me this is huge because you do not always learn things the first time in the classroom. With their guarantee you can attend the classes as many times as you need after testing within one year. To me that means they believe in what they do. Stuart the instructor knows how to lay out the material in a manner that you can grasp and learn it. He hits on key points that you will see on the test. My overall experience with Building Trade Services has been nothing but positive. I will continue to work with Building Trades to become a Residential Building Contractor.

Brittany – Glass & Glazing – Aug 2019

After being unsuccessful on my Glass & Glazing exam twice, I decided to give BTES a shot. I took my class with Stuart and the Glass & Glazing test 1 week after – I passed with a 92.5%! The tools I learned in this class allowed me to finish the exam in 2 hours …that is half the allotted time of the test. I then took the Business & Finance exam 3 days later and passed with an 87%! I wish I would have known about BTES before I started trying to navigate these exams on my own. Thanks, BTES!

Roger – Air Conditioning – May 2019

I am working on getting my license for Air B. I was taking a course online since I could not find anyone who gave a classroom course during the day. I was getting very frustrated and tried one more time in desperation when I found Building Trades. I learned a lot from Stuart. I came back home and finished my studies on the trade test and passed it last week. I am now studying for the Business & Finance test. Thank you for all your help.

Jude – General Contractor – May 2019

I want to say that anyone who wants to become a contractor needs to work with BTES for their trade. Their exam prep booklet is the key of success because you have a tremendous amount of test questions throughout the entire content of the workbooks. Studying the manual and using the procedure that they teach for the tabbing & highlighting is all that you need to do to go and take your exam period!

Robert – April 2019

BTES offers a first-class system and materials that provide the framework to pass the state exam. Stuart had intimate knowledge of the material and valuable insights all geared towards passing the exam successfully. I enjoyed the small class size and personal attention this company provided!

Ben – Commercial Pool – Jan 2019

I came through Building Trades Education Services to get my Commercial Pool License. They helped me with the process from the start of the process all the way through getting my license. No matter what type of question I had they were there when I needed an answer or needed an explanation.

Rodney – Electrical – Oct 2018

I took Ron’s class 3 or 4 weeks ago to prepare for the Florida Unlimited Electrical test. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I did pass the test on my first try. I would like to personally thank you for your instruction and effort in preparing me for this test. Without your help I undoubtedly would not have passed. I appreciate all you have done and this greatly helps me professionally and my family economically. Thanks again.

Mike – Plumbing – Apr 2018

I would like to thank Stuart for showing the best and most effective ways to take and pass the Plumbing and Business & Finance exams …you are a great teacher! I want to thank Denise for her help with the license processing, it was very easy! I passed the first time with 2-weeks of studying. I would recommend this course over any other out there. I have talked to others in the business and they took classes at other schools and they just weren’t prepared and failed the first time and second time.

Patrick – Air Conditioning B – May 2017

I passed the trade test HVAC Contractor B, first shot …glad I went to your class! Thanks.

Edgar – Electrical/Alarm – Feb 2017

Just wanted to let you guys know I passed my Alarm I test yesterday on the first try. I attended your course last week. There was no way I would’ve passed without Ron’s time saving tricks. I’ll see you guys in Tampa for the business prep class. Thanks again!

Chris – Electrical – June 2016

I just passed my unlimited electrical exam! I know I couldn’t of done it without BTES in Sarasota. I only picked up my books a few weeks before the exam and I hadn’t read up on code or material in years. Ron was my instructor and he thoroughly covered all of the required reference material and gave me the confidence I needed to take and pass this exam. Well worth it! Thanks again to Sharon, Ron, Stuart and everybody over there at BTES. I couldn’t of done it without you.

BTES students have over a 95% pass rate AND a No Pass – No Pay Guarantee.

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