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BTES is offering online virtual classes for some of our trade courses!

Cost effective and convenient, our Virtual Classes will save the expense and travel time of going to a live class. Check out our Virtual Classes page to see what is required to participate. Contact us for the latest schedule.


WOW! 23% of the Electrical Contractors awarded licenses in July (2013) were BTES students! Congratulations!


We have the full 7 hr CILB Disciplinary AND “Qualifying an Additional Business” Class available monthly:  “7 Hours Live CE Chapter 489“!

State  Glass and Glazing Live Classes conducted in Sarasota monthly in 2018

New! County painting and decorating Live Classes every Quarter in 2018

Live Classes are now being offered in our Sarasota location only, for 2018 in the following Specialty Trades (link to the schedule on our main page for dates & times): Specialty Structure; Marine Contractor, Gypsum Contractor; Pool: Service, Residential Builder and Commercial Builder; Solar Contractor; Underground Contractor

The 2017 Florida Building Code Becomes Effective on January 1, 2018 AND WILL BE ON THE STATE EXAMS BEGINNING MAY 1, 2018 .  





A Must Read Article For Any Unlicensed Contractor!!!

Electrical Contractors Licensing Board (ECLB)

Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB)

G.I.T.S. (Gainesville Independent Testing Services) County Test Center 

Prometric (County Test Center)

Florida State Fire Marshals Office  (FSFMO)

Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association (FFMIA)

Construction Licensing Officials Association of Florida (CLOAF)

Electrical and Alarm System Contracting Statutes (FS 489 Part II)

Construction Industry Contracting Statutes (FS 489 Part I)

Electrical and Alarm System Contracting Rules (61G-6 FAC)

Construction Industry Contracting Rules (61G-4 FAC)

Florida Building Commission(FBC)

Electrical Contractor Continuing Education(ECCE)

Construction Contractor Continuing Education(CCCE)

Florida County Licensing Office (County Licensing Offices)