Live classes - Enhance your learning experience with interactive live sessions.

Live Classes


Building Trades Education Services guides individuals to become fully licensed contractors through our In-person or virtual class. Over the years, we’ve developed focused teaching methods that have contributed to a 95%+ success rate. Students who enroll in our live exam prep courses are taught in a classroom setting by instructors who take the time to teach you how to teach yourself.

By fully immersing yourself into our Contractor’s Licensing Exam prep courses, you’ll gain confidence, test-taking skills, and the knowledge that you can and WILL pass your state/county exam(s). When you sign up for our virtual class, you can expect to work with teachers who create a curriculum based on proven methods of finding obscure information in obscure places within the required textbooks which is what the State exams test you on. Trade knowledge, unfortunately, is a very minuscule part of the process.


  • Study guides that have been continuously updated to reflect the most current examination content
  • Reliable and proven exam strategy
  • Step-by-step instructions for proper reference organization
  • Detailed tabbing and highlighting instructions
  • Strategies to make complicated math as simple as 1+2=3
  • Special emphasis on trade-specific problems and situations
  • Study methods Tips and tricks
  • Specific information on the best way to pass your exam
  • Hundreds of test questions and practice exams


  • Our reliable “No Pass – No Pay” Guarantee
  • Current licensing exam preparation using the referenced Codes and standards as required by the Florida
  • Smaller class size to ensure that you receive personal attention
  • Focused classes; no mixing of unrelated trades.
  • Exam tutors offering one-on-one exam prep

PREPARE. LEARN. PASS. Build your future today with Building Trades Education Services.
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