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Class size is between 4-12 students.  We don’t “bulk” our classes

Our classroom hours don’t include 6-8 hours of  “simulated” tests each day; nor do they include boring “tab this; highlight this blah blah blah”.  Our brain fry is minimal. Our retention is maximal IF you do the work. Classes are lively and informative rather than dry and boring like other schools and private self described “instructors” no matter what their alleged background! You will get more than your money’s worth from us! AND what you get also contains years of integrity and reputation that others claim but cannot backup with truth or proof….this intangible is an asset worth its weight in gold!

We also offer toll free help during normal business hours and you can email us anytime.

We don’t leave you hanging after you have attended class but prior to sitting for your exam. AND, after you successfully pass, we will also assist you in obtaining your license by connecting you with the right person to expedite the process of qualifying so as to obtain your license in the shortest amount of time possible. We ARE with you ALL THE WAY!


Building Trades Education Services helps aspiring electricians become full-fledged electrical contractors. Over the years, we’ve developed focused teaching methods which have contributed to a near perfect success rate of 99.8%. Electricians who enroll in our licensing exam prep school are taught by instructors who take the time to teach you how to teach yourself.

By fully immersing yourself into our Electrical Contractor’s Licensing Exam courses, you’ll gain confidence, test-taking skills, and the knowledge that you can and WILL pass the state exam. When you sign up for our live exam prep courses, you can expect to work with teachers who create a curriculum based on proven methods of finding obscure information in obscure places within the required text books which is what the State exams test you on. Trade knowledge, unfortunately, is a very miniscule part of the process. You also get the added benefit of:



Here is some information provided by the state of Florida. All journeyman and master electrical contractors should familiarize themselves with these documents:

How To Become a State Certified Electrical or Alarm Contractor in Florida

After you’ve completed your training and attended all the appropriate classes, you will have to submit your application and all required fees to the state of Florida. Once you pass the exam, you’ll then be able to apply for an initial Florida certified electrical or alarm contractor’s license. Follow this link to access the Electrical or Alarm contractor Florida license applications.

Those who apply for an initial Florida Electrical or Alarm contractor’s license (or other related field) must provide proof of experience in their chosen field. All contractor license applications are reviewed and approved by the state Board.



CLICK HERE to view your required Electric reference books.



Florida Electrical Exam Prep – License Courses

(Price includes 1-1/2 Day Business & Finance Course)

DAYS TRADE Prep Course Price
5-1/2 Master Electrical “UE” $1695
4-1/2 State Alarm 1 “A1” $1495
3-1/2 State Alarm 2 “A II” $1495
2-1/2 State Limited Energy “LE” $1295
3-1/2 State Sign Specialty “SS” $1295
2-1/2 State Lighting Maintenance “LM” $1295

The Florida electrical contractor’s exam is not easy. Given the stakes, doesn’t it make sense to make sure you’re prepared from the start? Learn the essentials, pass the exam, get your license. With Building Trades Education Services, you get everything you need to pass the Florida Master Electrical contractor’s exam, the first time.

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