After taking the Business and Trade exams for Lee County and failing I was contacted by Building Trades Education Services. The BTES Instructor, Nan Nahum explained in detail how the BTES process works. Yes, you need to go through your books, tab them, and highlight as required, and so forth, but because of the time pressure in the exam, success warrants that you follow the BTES systems.

After failing the business exam in the ’60s the week before, I passed with 96% (48/50) following the BTES system. I had not used BTES’s system for trade and failed (60’s). After talking to Nan she advised using the BTES system again… I passed the Trade exam the following Tuesday with a 94% (46/50). When I told the Proctor that I passed with a high grade, he asked how I went from failing to almost one hundred percent; I told him it is the Building Trades Education Services system!