Super pleased with BTES! Incredibly grueling studying for several days in a row from 8-5 but if you want to take your career to the next level, YOU NEED to get serious and take on BTES. I have been studying for this license for nearly a year and 4 of those months were without BTES. I had to take the exam twice even with all of the studying I have done. If it weren’t for BTES, I would still be at square 1. I still need to take the business test but I can happily say the grueling 9 hour plumbing exam is finally behind me thanks to BTES!

Johnny – Plumbing – Jun 2020

BTES and Denise have been great to work with. I took the General Contractor test prep class and have used them for my licensing. I cannot say enough great things about them and Denise and how they have helped me through this process. Thanks.

Richard – General Contractor – Jun 2020

The Instructor was very knowledgeable. He went through all the books in a timely manner and I was able to pass the test on the first take. I also appreciate the virtual class as I am in Miami and could not make it to central Florida, but needed to take the test. I used your company 15 years ago for my building license and am glad I came back. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Christina – General Contractor – Mar 2020

I decided I wanted to become a State Glass and Glazing contractor to expand our residential window replacement company. From the beginning of this process Denise and everyone at Building Trade Education Services were accommodating and more than helpful. I called Denise daily to ask questions regarding books, classes, and things I would need. Denise never seemed bothered by the countless amount of times she had to change my estimate and gladly helped me. She has a true passion for what she does. Building Trade Education Services allowed us to repeat classes after failed tests with no cost out of pocket only time. To me this is huge because you do not always learn things the first time in the classroom. With their guarantee you can attend the classes as many times as you need after testing within one year. To me that means they believe in what they do. Stuart the instructor knows how to lay out the material in a manner that you can grasp and learn it. He hits on key points that you will see on the test. My overall experience with Building Trade Services has been nothing but positive. I will continue to work with Building Trades to become a Residential Building Contractor.

Crystal – Glass & Glazing – Nov 2019

After being unsuccessful on my Glass & Glazing exam twice, I decided to give BTES a shot. I took my class with Stuart and the Glass & Glazing test 1 week after – I passed with a 92.5%! The tools I learned in this class allowed me to finish the exam in 2 hours …that is half the allotted time of the test. I then took the Business & Finance exam 3 days later and passed with an 87%! I wish I would have known about BTES before I started trying to navigate these exams on my own. Thanks, BTES!

Brittany – Glass & Glazing – Aug 2019

I am working on getting my license for Air B. I was taking a course online since I could not find anyone who gave a classroom course during the day. I was getting very frustrated and tried one more time in desperation when I found Building Trades. I learned a lot from Stuart. I came back home and finished my studies on the trade test and passed it last week. I am now studying for the Business & Finance test. Thank you for all your help.

Roger – Air Conditioning – May 2019

I want to say that anyone who wants to become a contractor needs to work with BTES for their trade. Their exam prep booklet is the key of success because you have a tremendous amount of test questions throughout the entire content of the workbooks. Studying the manual and using the procedure that they teach for the tabbing & highlighting is all that you need to do to go and take your exam period!

Jude – General Contractor – May 2019

BTES offers a first-class system and materials that provide the framework to pass the state exam. Stuart had intimate knowledge of the material and valuable insights all geared towards passing the exam successfully. I enjoyed the small class size and personal attention this company provided!

Robert – April 2019

I came through Building Trades Education Services to get my Commercial Pool License. They helped me with the process from the start of the process all the way through getting my license. No matter what type of question I had they were there when I needed an answer or needed an explanation.

Ben – Commercial Pool – Jan 2019

I took Ron’s class 3 or 4 weeks ago to prepare for the Florida Unlimited Electrical test. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I did pass the test on my first try. I would like to personally thank you for your instruction and effort in preparing me for this test. Without your help I undoubtedly would not have passed. I appreciate all you have done and this greatly helps me professionally and my family economically. Thanks again.

Rodney – Electrical – Oct 2018