Florida Plumbing License Exam Preparation

Building Trades Education offers classes designed to help you pass the Florida Plumbing License Exam. What makes our licensing exam prep courses so essential?

Did You Know?

  • Over 72% of applicants who take the plumbing contractors examination fail on their first attempt?
  • When you are sitting in the test center taking your plumbing contractors examination you will quickly realize that it is NOT a measure of your plumbing skills and field experience.
  • Those who venture in unprepared are surprised to find that it IS indeed a measure of your ability to find and interpret textbook information and NOT as stated above, your trade knowledge.
  • Test takers  face mathematical equations not seen since high school.
  • At Building Trades Education, we have a 99% success rate preparing people just like you  to pass their  Florida  plumbing contractors examination.
  • Our plumbing contractors examination preparation course gives you the best chance of passing.
  • There are 5 isometric drawings and 45 questions on the morning portion of your exam
  • The isometric drawings are worth 10 points each.
  • On the afternoon test are an additional 65 questions!

BTES Guarantees:

  • You will be shown what content areas are on the plumbing contractors examination
  • You will not have an issue with the isometric drawings.
  • You will be shown methods that help you see complicated math as easy as 1+1=2
  • Easy translation of complicated terms and equations
  • Comprehensive courses that use current information & regulations
  • Simple to follow study guides
  • Methods that help you manage your plumbing contractors examination time
  • Guidance from an instructor that is a Certified Plumbing Contractor.
  • You get everything you need to pass your plumbing  contractors examination.

Florida Plumbing Exam Prep – License Courses

(Price includes 2 Day Business & Finance Course)

DAYS TRADE Prep Course Price
5 Plumbing & Underground Utilities $1295

We’ve heard repeatedly from contractors who say the Florida plumber’s exam is one of the toughest they’ve ever taken. Why waste your time & money by being unprepared? Instead, become one of the few who pass the Florida plumber’s exam the first time.

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