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County Exam Preparation

What’s the difference between the state of Florida Contractor License construction, plumbers, electrical contractor’s licensing exams, and individual County exams?

Top Ten Facts about County Licensing Exams:

  1. In Florida, county exams are sponsored by each individual county.
  2. All counties in Florida offer unique licensing exams for a variety of trades.
  3. Prometric, Gainesville Independent Testing and PROV are the companies that provide and oversee the trades licensing exams for each county.
  4. County exams are NOT easier than Florida state exams and are not always easier to qualify for.
  5. Every county in Florida also requires construction, electrical and plumbing contractors to take a Business & Law exam.
  6. You must have a county license in order to pull permits in that specific county (example, in order for a contractor in Hillsborough County to pull a permit for a project in Manatee, that contractor must have a license to perform general contracting duties in Manatee County after passing that county’s exam). (Reciprocity).
  7. If Florida requires a specific license, but not your county, you must register and be licensed with the state.
  8. Each county has fees associated with their specific licenses. Therefore, for each county license you hold, you will and must pay separate fees to those individual counties.
  9. Many counties allow reciprocity with other counties however, you will:
  • Need to file for and go through the specific county’s application process and pay their fees
  • NOT have to take that county’s exam as long as you meet the county’s specific score requirements
  • Pay a fee to maintain your license each year

Is it better to take the local county’s licensing exam, or to get your Florida state contractor’s license?

Here at Building Trades Education Services, we advise that it’s better to stick with your county’s licensing requirements and take the exams for your county only if:

  • You plan on working in one large county or city
  • You can get reciprocity in surrounding counties
  • There is an exam offered almost every week in various counties (so you don’t have to wait months)

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Many of our County Exam courses are Home Study to be done at your own pace and convenience. Check out our list of County Home Study Courses. Call for further information as we may offer other courses for particular FL counties.

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