BTES and Denise have been great to work with. I took the GC test prep class and have used them for my licensing. I cannot say enough great things about them and Denise and how they have helped me through this process. Thanks.
June 2020 – Richard
Super pleased with BTES! Incredibly grueling studying for several days in a row from 8-5 but if you want to take your career to the next level, YOU NEED to get serious and take on BTES. I have been studying for this license for nearly a year and 4 of those months were without BTES. I had to take the exam twice even with all of the studying I have done. If it weren’t for BTES, I would still be at square 1. I still need to take the business test but I can happily say the grueling 9 hour plumbing exam is finally behind me thanks to BTES!
June 2020 – Johnny
Building Trades Education is the place to go if you need contractor books, classes, and submission of your license application! The process they use WORKS!! They are extremely professional and there for you through the entire process. Thank you, Building Trades Education, for supporting me through achieving my dream!
April 2020 – Sandra
The Instructor was very knowledgeable. He went through all the books in a timely manner and I was able to pass the test on the first take. I also appreciate the virtual class as I am in Miami and could not make it to central Florida, but needed to take the test. I used your company 15 years ago for my building license and am glad I came back. Thank you and keep up the great work.
March 2020 – Cristina
I decided I wanted to become a State Glass and Glazing contractor to expand our residential window replacement company. From the beginning of this process Denise and everyone at Building Trade Education Services were accommodating and more than helpful. I called Denise daily to ask questions regarding books, classes, and things I would need. Denise never seemed bothered by the countless amount of times she had to change my estimate and gladly helped me. She has a true passion for what she does. Building Trade Education Services allowed us to repeat classes after failed tests with no cost out of pocket only time. To me this is huge because you do not always learn things the first time in the classroom. With their guarantee you can attend the classes as many times as you need after testing within one year. To me that means they believe in what they do. Stuart the instructor knows how to lay out the material in a manner that you can grasp and learn it. He hits on key points that you will see on the test. My overall experience with Building Trade Services has been nothing but positive. I will continue to work with Building Trades to become a Residential Building Contractor.
November 2019 – Crystal
After being unsuccessful on my Glass & Glazing exam twice, I decided to give BTES a shot. I took my class on 8/6/19 with Stuart and the Glass & Glazing test 1 week after – I passed with a 92.5%! The tools I learned in this class allowed me to finish the exam in 2 hours…that is half the allotted time of the test. I then took the Business & Finance exam 3 days later and passed with an 87%! I wish I would have known about BTES before I started trying to navigate these exams on my own. Thanks, BTES! 
August 2019 – Brittany
I want to say that anyone who wants to become a contractor needs to work with BTES for their trade. Their exam prep booklet is the key of success because you have a tremendous amount of test questions throughout the entire content of the workbooks. Studying the manual and using the procedure that they teach for the tabbing & highlighting is all that you need to do to go and take your exam period!
May 2019 – Jude
I am working on getting my license for Air B. I was taking a course online since I could not find anyone who gave a classroom course during the day. I live in Virginia and needed to come down just once. Everyone else only did it over several weekends or nights. I was getting very frustrated and tried one more time in desperation when I found Building Trades. I flew down. Stayed for several days. I learned a lot from Stuart. I came back home & finished my studies on the trade test and passed it last week. I am now studying for the Business & Finance test. Thank you, Stuart, Jessica & Jeff for all your help.
May 2019 – Roger
Jack is a very knowledgeable instructor for Specialty Structure, and it was a pleasure listening and learning in preparation for taking the exam.
April 2019 – Tom
BTES offers a first-class system and materials that provide the framework to pass the state exam. Stuart had intimate knowledge of the material and valuable insights all geared towards passing the exam successfully. I enjoyed the small class size and personal attention this company provided!
April 2019 – Robert
I came through Building Trades Education Services to get my Commercial Pool License. They helped me with the process from the start of the process all the way through getting my license. No matter what type of question I had they were there when I needed an answer or needed an explanation. I am now working on getting another license through them since they were so helpful the first time. Thank you to Stuart, Jack, Jeff, Jessica, Sam & Denise for all your help and for putting up with my crazy antics!
January 2019 – Ben
I took Ron’s class 3 or 4 weeks ago to prepare for the Florida Unlimited Electrical test.  I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I did pass the test on my first try. I would like to personally thank you for your instruction and effort in preparing me for this test.  Without your help I undoubtedly would not have passed. I appreciate all you have done and this greatly helps me professionally and my family economically. Thanks again.
October 2018 – Rodney
I just sailed through both the Contract Administration and Project Management Exams on my first attempt and would like to sincerely thank the BTES team for helping me do that, especially instructors Jack and Stuart. I was able to speak to several test-takers during my time in Miami for the exam, all of whom had attended some level of prep, and none of them passed the exam / had the level of preparedness that I had going in. I’m very happy I chose your school over the other options.
June 2017 – Joshua R.
I passed the trade test HVAC Contractor B., first shot…. glad I went to your class! Thanks.
May 2017 – Patrick
Just thought I would let you know I took the Electrical Business exam yesterday and passed first time! It actually went quite smoothly, I either knew the answer or knew where to find it. Going through your course was well worth it and made the difference! Thanks!
April 2017 – Andrea
Just wanted to say thank you to all you guys and to captain Ron! I aced the test was only about 6 questions I wasn’t sure of.
April 2017 – Kenny
I took your prep course 2 weeks ago in Kissimmee. I was the kid wearing all the Gator gear. Anyways I took the test yesterday and passed with an 85 and 90. I just wanted to thank you for your teaching and guidance on how to prepare for the test. There is no question you guys are the reason I passed. Thanks again and Go Gators!
April 2017 – Cole
Hi Sharon. I just spent three informative days in Tampa with instructor Jack, who did a terrific job of taking us through a heap of complex material on his own. I feel way more prepared walking out than I did walking in, and I’m ready to test on the 18th. Thank you for all the help thus far.
March 2017 – Dan
Just wanted to let you guys know I passed my Alarm I test yesterday on the first try. I attended your course last week. There was no way I would’ve passed without Ron’s time saving tricks. I’ll see you guys in Tampa for the business prep class. Thanks again!
February 2017 – Edgar P.
Stuart, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time & humor making class a bit more entertaining!! Thank you.
Jack, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your dedication to teaching in class, it was much appreciated. I got all my books. I am studying. Perhaps I will see you again before taking the exam.
February 2017 – Giovanna Politi
After taking the 2 day Business and Law class with BTES I passed my Business and Law test the first time and I owe that success to the class and system. “Do the Work” is the successful phrase the class emphasizes and it can’t happen without it. Thank you all at BTES!
December 2016 – Scotty B
I’m happy to say that I passed my plumbing test and couldn’t do it without you guys! Score 82. Please share this with your students and express to them that I have NEVER done any plumbing work whatsoever. It’s not about your plumbing knowledge it’s about navigating through the books and isometrics.
The test was long and difficult. I was able to find 50% of the questions within 2-3 minutes. Some were a little more difficult to find or I couldn’t find and had to make an educated guess. I only completely guessed on about 10 or so. The answers are there.
My advice to future test takers is to allow yourself at least 2 hours to do the isometrics. My friend didn’t have enough time to finish them and he rushed through it and failed by 5 points. Can’t express enough the importance of reading all the questions FIRST. I would be looking up a question and find the answer of another question at least a dozen times. Don’t forget about the Plumber’s Handbook, it saved me at least 8 times when I couldn’t find an answer.
December 2016 – Geoffrey Graham
This class gave me the confidence to pass this test. It took me from a great service tech to a knowledgeable plumber. Thank you,
August 2016 – Ray Ormond
The class was on point. Stuart is very knowledgeable about the testing procedure and the way he taught me to study for it has changed my approach already.
August 2016 – Leonard Meyers III
Jack is a great instructor answers all questions and spends time with student until problem is understood and solved.
August 2016 – Rick Monroe
Chad attended the first class that was for Marine Contractor. Initially, he was nervous since this is all new to him. I must extend my sincere acknowledgement that your instructor Jack is truly one of the best in the industry. Chad learned the art of understanding and knowing how to read the question and find the answer. Jack spent a lot of attention to Chad’s needs and understanding. Chad now has the confidence to go “further”, as Jack explained, to master the books in more detail. Today, Jack is teaching a large group of General Contractors, or that capacity, so Chad will not be attending the 2nd day but rather spend more time practicing what he was taught. Again, please extend my appreciation and respect to Jack for what he has shared with my son.
August 2016 – Craig D. McKee
The staff and folks in this place are awesome. Their prices are more than fair to help you pass your construction licensing exams the first time. The Trade instructor is very knowledgeable and they do seem to give a hoot about you as a student passing State and County licensing exams. The number of years that these folks have been in business is a testament to their success and reputation. Kudos!!!
June 2016 – Pinche I.
What a great prep school. Their guides are like gold to me. If you do the work you will pass the first time. It’s the best I’ve ever seen especially when you fail your exam after going to another school.
June 2016 – Sharon P.
I just passed my unlimited electrical exam! I know I couldn’t of done it without BTES in Sarasota. I only picked up my books a few weeks before the exam and I hadn’t read up on code or material in years. Ron was my instructor and he thoroughly covered all of the required reference material and gave me the confidence I needed to take and pass this exam. Well worth it! Thanks again to Sharon, Ron, Stuart and everybody over there at BTES. I couldn’t of done it without you.
June 2016 – Chris White

Very helpful. Ron does a great job making complicated material make sense. I believe the test taking method will help a lot. Thanks!
June 2016 – Nick Perry

Great service, great people and awesome instructors. They really know their stuff.
February 2016 – Richard S.

Building Trades Education Services is an amazing school! Very friendly, outgoing and personable staff and instructors! Their top concern is helping their students pass their exams and making sure everyone is comfortable! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and will work with you one on one until you feel you are ready to pass your exam….they really know their stuff and will do whatever possible to make sure you know yours!!!! I’m a female who took the course and felt very comfortable, there were other females in the class as well, which I did not expect, but I never felt out of place or under appreciated! Very kind people and a great place to take classes!!
January 2016 – Julia B.

I just want to thank everyone at BTES, especially Stuart and Sonya for their awesome dedication and individual attention they both gave me. I passed both sections of the State Plumbing Certification on my first attempt. I Highly recommend your services to anyone looking to prepare for any State or County exam. The system you guys have put together is absolutely one of a kind and easy to prepare with. You guys rock!! Thank you so much.
January 2016 – Chris Bailey

I took your class back in November. I just wanted to thank you guys for all the help because it definitely made a huge difference!! I passed all three tests the first time with great grades! The practice tests really do help and so many questions from them were on the actual tests. I finished the contract administration one in about 3 hours, the project management one took about 4 hours and the business and finance one only took me about four and a half hours! Thanks again for all your help and have a Happy New Year!
December 2015 – Jarrod Gilbert

Would you let Stuart know that yesterday I passed the State Mechanical exam. Took it in June but failed. My downfall was not really reading the books! Stuart tells us all to become familiar with the books and after failing the first time, I did just that: I studied the books and did the practice tests over and over. It really helped! Now on to the Business and Finance part. (I put that part away until I mastered the Trades.) The work books really help! If I feel I need to retake the B&F class again, I will be in touch. I learned so much about finding the answers in the class I attended in May that I hope to be okay with the next class. Stuart is a great instructor! Thanks again!
October 2015 – Coni Kalata

Stuart and all at BTES, I was in your classes held in Kissimmee 8/12 through 8/16. Just wanted to share my scores and say a big thank you for the advice. As you can see I passed all very easily and it is due in large part to the advice Stuart gave on how to outline the test and look up after the first pass. I wish everyone in my class the best and hope they all passed and are on their way to a profitable future. Thanks again to everyone at BTES for putting together the information you provided and the excellent instruction on testing. Kind Regards,
September 2015 – Barry L Morgan

Shane wanted me to email you to thank you for being an awesome teacher. He really enjoyed your class this week. Shane has talked all week about how you really broke everything down for him and you were the best teacher he has had. So once again thank you for making this class so enjoyable for him. Respectfully,
June 2015 – Beth Bergschneider

I passed!!! It was actually really easy. I think there were only 3 or 4 questions that I had trouble finding or didn’t know. I really appreciate all of your guidance and of course your time in the classroom and on the phone. I cannot imagine taking the test without having had your class. Your class is not just the “highlight this/that”, but helped me learn to read between the lines of the questions where key words told me exactly where to find the answer.
June 2015 – Trae

Best company in Florida to help you obtain your Contractors or Electrical license. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a State Certified or County Registered, if you want to pass you need to see them.
May 2015 – R F.

I just wanted to let Mr. Stuart know that thanks to his help and his teaching, I was able to pass my plumbing trade license exam. I’m not sure if he remembers but I’m the young lady that doesn’t have any siblings or father in the trade (which he thought was different). The training, the highlighting and the guiding from Stuart made it a lot more comprehensive and a reachable goal on the first try. I just wanted to extend my gratitude for all his help and his teaching. Thanks,
March 2015 – Marjorie

All I can say is the system worked! I used 4 hours and 55 minutes to take the test. Was done with the first 1st pass in a little less than 15 minutes and was able to make my “book list” at the same time. I took each subsequent pass according to the books and that took a little less than 4 hours. The last half hour gave me the time to go back and work on the tougher items and those math problems that just take computation time.Thanks again for the insights, they work like a champ!
March 2015 – Jack May

A BIG TY I passed the trade test this AM! And not sure if I thanked you. The relay and cable splitter help was invaluable, would not have passed without it. There were like 6 questions all “only” accept one that was an “override”. Passed the business exam today 02-10-2015! Stuart, Nice Guy by the way. No nonsense, nice to see that, you don’t find it anymore.
February 2015 – Robert Irish

Good morning,Just a quick thank you for all your help in preparing me for my Electrical Unlimited Exam. I would not have passed without taking your class. The one thing I would like anyone reading this to take away is, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THE LITTLE THINGS WHILE IN CLASS, THE INSTRUCTOR IS  100% ON POINT FOR THE EXAM. I was done with his class on Dec 4th, 2014 and I PASSED my exam on Dec 5th 2014. Again, thank you for all your help and coaching. The entire experience with BTES from day 1, to passing my exam was very professional and courteous. I would recommend BTES to anyone interested in getting licensed in Florida
December 2014 – Arnim

Thank you again for helping me pass the test. You do a great job. Tutorial is a must. Not only teaches you test functions but settles you down.
December 2014 – Brian

Hello Mrs. Fraquelli, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Air Conditioning Contractor Trade exam yesterday. Thank you for all the assistance and please update Mr. McConnell. Now it’s time to prepare for the Business & Finance Test. Regards,
November 2014 – Robin Sowma

Thanks again to Stuart McConnell for all his help. I passed all 3 exams (Trade & business in 2010 and trade yesterday) on my first try! His help and guidance clearly helped to save me time, money and frustration; without it I doubt I would have been this successful. Peace,
November 2014 – Bob Elderkin

I just wanted to make you aware that I passed. Thank you again. There were about 15 questions at the end that I could not find the answer to, but by the grace of God and with your help I passed. Hope to see you for the business portion.
Ocober 2014 – Scott

Just wanted to let you know I passed my UE exam today. Thank you for all your help and guidance getting me through!!
September 2014 – Kyle Sondermeyer

I wanted to thank you for the help. I took my exam today and am happy to put another win toward your percentage. I couldn’t have passed I the first time without you. The extra help the few days before really settled the nerves the extra step. I actually finished the exam 1 1/2 hrs. early and was real reluctant to hit the submit button but I was relieved when the proctor gave me that passing score. They threw a few curve balls in that weren’t covered but luckily with all the prep I knew where to find them.
September 2014 – Jason P.

I passed The unlimited test I had 100 questions with 5 tracer questions never opened security book or concrete book. I also had 8 plan questions that were all in a row. I finished it 15 minutes early never felt overwhelmed it went pretty smoothly following your directions was imperative for me. The confidence you showed in your system gave the confidence I needed.
Thank you and I appreciate it.
August 2014 – Kevin 

I could not have passed the test without your teachings and support thank you for all your help. I will be seeing you for all my CEU’s…. To the future students of BTES… listen to the man he has a method to his madness…have an open mind and absorb….Do the tabbing and highlighting and practice test before you get to class…..I have a NJ master electrical license ….that is not enough to pass the Florida unlimited license exam..the instructor will tell u it’s the hardest exam you’ll ever take… he’s right …BTES will show u how to navigate through yours books and pass your exam….most of all become a better electrician. Thank you,
July 2014 – Roy Kirkorian

I took the Business and Finance Test a couple months ago and passed. This week on the 17th I took the Certified Underground Utility Test and PASSED – & on the 18th I took the Certified General Contractors Contract Administration and the Project Management Tests and PASSED both. I am now State Certified as Marine Contractor, Underground Utility Contractors, and General Contractor. With that, I want you all to know how grateful I am for all your help and Stuart’s knowledge on how to approach these exams. I know he thought I was maybe taking on too much at one time but I studied and got through it with passing grades utilizing his tactics and study guides. I will continue to recommend you all for future business.
Thanks again for all your help and please pass this on to Stuart. Best Regards,
June 2014 – Jack D. Fulford

Just wanted to let you guys know I passed both parts of yesterday’s exam. 81.67% on Contract Admin 80% on Project Management I’ll let you know the results of the Business & Finance when I take it. Thank you,
June 2014 – Brett Phelan

Took my business test today and PASSED! I owe a lot to all of you. Thank you for the training classes. BTES is the best.
April 2014 – Tony Bryant

Just wanted to let you know I took my unlimited elec. Exam yesterday and passed! Thanks for everything. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. The class was a great experience and I will highly recommend B.T.E.S to all my friends and family in the construction trades.Thanks again.
April 2014 – James Taylor

I passed my exam. I want to thank you and your team so much I could have never done it without you all. . It has been a pleasure working under you and learning as much as I could. Thank you again. Thank you.
March 2014 – Justin Schwartz

Stuart, Thank you so much for your help with the plumbing exam. You helped an A/C guy not only pass, but achieve a score of 90.6. I was so worried about the isometrics, I believe I scored perfectly. Sincerely,
March 2014 – Todd Oliver

My husband Jason Burling took the Plumbing class in January. He just took and passed his trade test with a score of 91%! He wanted me to pass along a big “Thank You” to Stuart and all of you for the great prep course!
March 2014 – Crystal

I passed my test!!!! Thank you so much for all the help. I did everything the instructor taught me and finished with over an hour to spare. Again thank you so so much I could not have done this without BTES. I’m happy happy happy.
January 2014 – Joe Gragg

The system works. I am writing to let you know that I passed the Painting and Decoration Exam with a score of 88%! I certainly could not have done it without your study guide. It is so well put together that even though English is not my first language. I found it easy to understand and follow. Thank you for the great service you offer. I will be sure to recommend you to others in the future! Best Regards,
December 2013 – Mayra Eirin

I took the State LE Trade Class on Sept. 23, 24 (was it really that long ago?) and passed the test on December 21st on my first try. Thanks for your great instruction, and for keeping me focused on the goal of passing the test. The tabbing and highlighting was very helpful, and more importantly was the understanding that knowing which section of which book had the answer to each question was key. It took me the full 5 1/2 hours to finish the test, but I only had to guess the answers to a few questions. There were a few tricky questions, but for the most part the answers to the questions were found verbatim in the books. I’m scheduled for the Business class in January. See you then. I think TSA could learn something from PearsonVue security. You can’t bring ANYTHING in there!
December 2013 – Joe Masotti

Just wanted to say thank you guys for all of the help!! I took the test 5 times by myself and failed every time. I then took the study guide and did what it said. I then took the prep course w/ Stuart and nailed the test. Take the prep it is a must! Thank you again, you made my future!
December 2013 – Butch Coffey

Contrary to popular belief, “you can tech an old dog new tricks”, although we may have left out one thing. Not without the help of BTES! Hunt Construction Group recently sent three of our managers to the BTES course and are pleased to announce that all three passed with high grades on the first try. Not only were the courses conveniently scheduled as compares to other schools. The instruction was phenomenal! To further this, just because you pass the test doesn’t mean that the paperwork’s over, the friendly and helpful staff at BTES helped us through the last push! At Hunt Construction Group out time is valuable and we must make the best of it. THANK YOU BTES FOR FANTASTIC SERVICES!!!
December 2013 – Art Chiaverini

Any candidate interested in passing their test will strongly consider your class. Being that time is money in obtaining these licenses I would advise any candidate to pay for the quality of BTES. Having tried an online course which only wasted 60 hours of my time tabbing and highlighting the wrong areas of my books I looked into BTES to steer me in the right direction. I have no regrets as I passed both courses after training with them. They have a sincere interest in seeing their students pass the first time! You get what you pay for and time is money. Thank you to the industry leading BTES team for all your efforts!!!
December 2013 – Bill Zett

Let Stuart know I was able to pass the Business/Finance examination this morning. Thanks for all your help and I will recommend your classes to anyone who asks. Next stop is Pierre to help submit the application. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
November 2013 – Troy Deal

I had the pleasure of attending your prep course for Roofing Contractor and Business Law. My first impression of Stuart was -this is an old codger who had this job because he could not do anything else, and that this class was a waste of money- this impression was quickly laid aside as an extremely intelligent, highly qualified educator stepped forward. Stuart demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, mentoring and instructional skills second to none. Any apprehension I had pertaining to taking the exams was replaced with confidence by the end of the course. I took the test for Roofing and Business Law for the first and last time, passing the Roofing portion with a 90% and the Business Law with 86%. I could not be happier and will recommend your course as a MUST ATTEND program for serious contractors desiring to be the best in their respective fields. Again Stuart, thank you, you are a man of rare talent and BTES thanks for developing a premier program that really works.
November 2013 – Mac McGovern

I passed the business exam this morning! All in all, this was a very tough exam on both parts, if anyone else needs to take these test I recommend the test seminars at the Building Trades Education Services, they are awesome and will work with you right up until the test.
November 2013 – Richard Harrell l

The first class that I attended was 3 years ago for my county plumbing contractor license and I just finished another class for my stat license. I took my test on February 20 and 21 and passed both parts the first time. Thank you Stuart for all of your help.
October 2013 – Ray Van Mersbergen

Thank everyone for the great job they do to help us though the test. The test was 6.5 hrs long. I was able to get through the test the first time and answer 70% of the questions in just under 3 hrs. The questions I didn’t know or had some question if it was the right answer I checked for review. It was not necessary to use Stuart’s system to mark down the questions that I did not know. There was plenty of time to go back through and find the answers in the manuals. It was important that you knew how to do the math problem that were in the study manuals. All Math problems on the test were in the study manuals. It was important that you knew how to figure simple and compound interest. If the student goes through the manuals and follows the directions they will pass. Reviewing the questions at the end of the chapters and the final exams is the key to making the test easy. Thanks to all.
October 2013 – John Gilson

I attended the seminar for the state contractors test in Kissimmee, FL. Compared to one I had previously attended, and one I attended in south Florida immediately following; I just wanted to say that Stuart was an excellent instructor, and I got more out of his class than anywhere else. I hadn’t been in a classroom setting for many years, and his teaching style provided me with the best information and techniques. I just wanted to commend him on his abilities as instructor and wish I had found your school from the onset. Thanks.
October 2013 – Joe Rymsza

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know… I passed both portions of the state exam (first time) for Drywall and Business Finance with 86% and 85% respectively… I do not believe I could have done it without going through your class. Stuart was awesome… he made a point of repeating things he thought we may find useful… the highlighting and tabbing instructions were priceless and very instrumental in the actual testing format. Kudos to you and your team… well done and thank you.
October 2013 – Tony Klinakis

I took the Alarm 1 exam this morning and despite my 56 years, I passed. I know that wouldn’t have been possible without your help. You did a great job preparing me for this test and I am very glad I invested the time and money to take your class. Thanks again for teaching this “old guy” some new tricks.
October 2013 – Troy

As a recent graduate of B.T.E.S. I’d like to thank the staff for their personal and professional service preparing me to pass the exams. These courses offered by B.T.E.S. effectively sift through the mountains of material and logically breaks it apart into manageable organized segments for normal comprehension. I took the test for the “Class B Air Conditioning Contractor” test last December 17th in Pinellas County. For the morning test I scored a 92%, the afternoon test score was 96.7%. The Business and Law test I took in Port Charlotte, Jan. 14th, again passing with a 94%. Don’t make the mistake and think it was easy to get these grades, you MUST spend the time studying the material in the work books, practicing the tests and preparing yourselves. Follow the directions and you’ll also make the grade. Good luck future alumni and thank you staff your services were well forth the costs.
October 2013 – Tom Roberts

My name is Wilmer Portillo and I just wanted to say THANKS for your help. Many thanks to all your team. I passed Business and Law and Painting and Decorating. !!!Muchas Gracias ustedes son los Mejores!!!
October 2013 – Wilmer

WOW! 23% of the Electrical Contractors awarded their license in July (2013) were BTES Students! Congrats!

I passed the State Underground Utility exam with an unbelievable 91.25%!!!! It was a grueling exam and I was very surprised at the score. With one hour remaining I had only answered 60 of the 85 questions and was feeling the pressure. At that point I stopped to fill in the answer sheet and then went back to the exam questions, this time stepping up the pace. When I got to the questions that involved the drawings, I skipped them knowing it would take too long to study the plans and do the calculations. Of special note, the last three questions on the exam were gimmes. They not only referenced the book, but also the section or table to look in. Finally, with time running out, I went back and made educated guesses on the questions I had missed earlier. I filled in letter C for about seven answers which I had no clue because they were questions involving calculations. In addition to going to your class, I studied hard using your study guides. I did this for two months (in my limited spare time) and it paid off. Your techniques worked well for me. Thank you,
July 2013 – Kathleen Bailie

I took the course in April 2013 and I used all the study guides as instructed by Stuart McConnell in his class and achieved an 84% on the Business test and 95% on the HVAC B trade knowledge test. THE SYSTEM WORKS! There is no magic involved, but if you study hard using Stuart’s techniques, you will learn those books front and back…..and that’s coming from a fella who hasn’t taken a test in 26 years!
Thank you Stuart!
June 2013 – Larry Smorgala

I recently attended the BTES course with Stuart and wanted to let him know that I passed the exams. I also wanted to say thank you. I had this fear at first I was not going to be able to get the math and it just so ended up that a lot of my business and finance questions were math. Stuart spent time to go over the math until it clicked. Thank you, Stuart, without this class I had no chance.
June 2013 – Karena McMullin

Thanks largely to your study guides and Business & Law training; I have successfully passed the Palm Beach County Exam, and now certified Painting contractor. I have taken a similar training class, for Business & Law, and did not get what I needed to pass the first time. I sum the success on your diligent study guide materials, which directed me in the right areas to study for the test. Thank you for your very astute advice. I am up and running Brite Line Painting, Inc. in Palm Beach County. I have passed the word on to all of my friends that are interested in the construction field; to use your company for the study guide material and books, which you offer in the different trades.
April 2013 – Dave Leal

Thank you for you helping me prepare for this test I would have never passed it the first time without your class. The other state tests that I have taken have only been 100 questions in the NEC70 book, so this was a new experience for me.
March 2013 – Roger

Thank you for the help with the state Plumbing contractor’s license exam. I passed both parts of the test the first time I received a 85% on the Business and a 90.63% on the trade exam. I am happy to tell you that most of the questions on the exam were covered in your class. There’s no way I would have passed without taking a class like yours. Thank you,
March 2013 – Mike Forholt

I want to let you know I passed both parts of my testing for a Painting Specialty Contractors License. My test was administered in April. This was my first attempt. The way people get ripped off in today’s world I have to admit I was dragging my feet a little bit before signing up for your school. For those who might read this letter, let me assure you, B.T.E.S. is an excellent school and Stuart and the whole staff there will help you in every way they can. They know what they’re talking about. If you apply the techniques you’re taught at B.T.E.S. you’ll pass your test. I feel the money I spent for the schooling was worth every penny. I highly recommend using the Home Study Course too. It’s worth the money. Thank you Stuart. And thanks to the whole staff. Oh! If you’re going to need any painting done, I know where you can find a good licensed painter! Sincerely,
January 2013 – Jim J. Piatt