Florida State Contractors Licensing Exam Prep Course Info

Building Trades Education Services has helped thousands of tradesman and women prepare for and pass the Florida contractor’s licensing exam. For over 30 years, our live class curriculum, class workbooks and home study guides have led to over 99% of our students passing the very first time they take the State License Exam.

Our workbooks are constantly updated, assuring the latest exam information available!

Here are some facts about the Florida Contractors Licensing Exam:

  • Florida State Certified Contractors are licensed by the state of Florida (DBPR)  and can work anywhere in Florida.
  • The cost of the 2-day exam is $135.00 + an $80.00 site fee.
  • Business and Financial Management exam is given by Pearson Vue and is a computer based exam. The cost for that is $80.00.
  • You can download an application to print and mail or apply online at Proftesting.com.
  • After you attend our licensing school classes and pass your exam, you will apply for the license.
  • Give us a call to go over the general qualifications at 800.832.2496 or contact us online at btes@comcast.net

When we hear from you about applying for the State License Exam our Education Coordinators walk you through the examination process, answer your questions, and help you develop a timeline for licensing.

Florida Construction Exam Prep – License Courses

(Price includes 2 Day Business & Finance Course)

DAYS TRADE Prep Course Price
5 General, Builder & Residential $1295
4 Air Conditioning & Mechanical $1295
3 Glass & Glazing $1295
4 Gypsum Drywall $1295
4 Marine Contractors $1295
5 Plumbing – Underground Utilities $1295
5 Pool, Commercial, & Residential $1295
4 Pool & Spa Service $1295
4 Roofing Contractors $1295
4 Solar Contractors $1295
5 Specialty Structures Contractors $1295
Business & Finance & Trade can be purchased separately.


Florida Electrical Exam Prep – License Courses

(Price includes 1-1/2 Day Business & Finance Course)

DAYS TRADE Prep Course Price
5-1/2 Master Electrical “UE” $1695
4-1/2 State Alarm 1 “A1” $1495
3-1/2 State Alarm 2 “A II” $1495
2-1/2 State Unlimited Energy “LE” $1295
3-1/2 State Sign Specialty “SS” $1295
2-1/2 State Lighting Maintenance “LM” $1295

Check out information on our: County Contractor’s Exam License Courses.

We have courses conveniently located in Kissimmee, Plantation, Tampa, Naples, and Sarasota.

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