Frequently Asked Questions

The process to obtain your trade license can be confusing – but that’s why we’re here! We’re often asked where to start or what requirements are necessary to begin the process, as well as how to continue the process after passing your exams. Bookmark this page for future updates and as always, never hesitate to call us at 800-832-2496 to answer any questions you may have.



How much and what kind of experience do I need to be eligible to sit for a State exam?

All trades EXCEPT Electrical need a total of 48 months of experience. If you have military or college experience, each year in the service/school counts as one year of the 48 months needed. For example, if you have a 3-year college degree, you would only need 1 year as a foreman/supervisor in your respective field. If you have a 2-year degree, you would need 1 more year of experience and another year as a foreman/supervisor in your field.

If you’re going after a General Contractor license however, you still need 48 months of experience. But as part of your 48 months of experience, you would need 1 year of 4-story habitable building experience and 60% of your 48 months of experience is required to be from new construction.


Where do I take my State exam?

You must first register to take the exam with the State of Florida through the DBPR (Department of Business & Professional Regulations). You would then schedule the exam with a Pearson Vue test center of your choosing, as they have test centers all over the state. 


How often does Pearson Vue test for State exams?

Pearson Vue offers state trade and business exams daily, however there may be a short waiting period to sign up depending on the time of year. 


What type of questions are on my exam?

With the exception of the State Plumbing exam, all tests are administered via computer through multiple choice questions. Only the State Plumbing exam is still given as a paper and pencil exam due to the Isometric drawings you will be tested on.