Florida County Plumbing & Underground Utilities Exam Prep


A Plumbing Contractor means a contractor whose contracting business consists of the execution of contracts requiring the experience, financial means, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or, when not prohibited by law, design plumbing. A plumbing contractor may install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or design the following without obtaining any additional local regulatory license, certificate, or registration:

  • sanitary drainage or storm drainage facilities
  • venting systems; public or private water supply systems
  • septic tanks; drainage and supply wells
  • swimming pool piping
  • irrigation systems
  • solar heating water systems and all appurtenances, apparatus, or equipment used in connection with these, including boilers and pressure process piping and including the installation of water, natural gas, and storm and sanitary sewer lines, as well as water and sewer plants and substations
  • the design and installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, or extension of air-piping, vacuum line piping, oxygen line piping, nitrous oxide piping, and all related medical gas systems
  • fire line standpipes and fire sprinklers to the extent authorized by law; ink and chemical lines
  • fuel oil and gasoline piping and tank and pump installation, except bulk storage plants
  • pneumatic control piping systems


An Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor means a contractor whose services are limited to the construction, installation, and repair of:

  • main sanitary sewer collection systems
  • main water distribution systems
  • storm sewer collection systems
  • the continuation of utility lines from the main systems to a point of termination up to and including the meter location for the individual occupancy, sewer collection systems at property line on residential or single-occupancy commercial properties, or on multi-occupancy properties at manhole or wye lateral extended to an invert elevation as engineered to accommodate future building sewers, water distribution systems, or storm sewer collection systems at storm sewer structures
  • install empty underground conduits in rights-of-way, easements, platted rights-of-way in new site development, and sleeves for parking lot crossings no smaller than 2 inches in diameter, provided that each conduit systems installed is designed by a licensed professional engineer or an authorized employee of municipality, county, or public utility and that the installation of any such conduit does not include installation of any conductor wiring or connection to an energized electrical system



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