Florida Air Conditioning & Mechanical Exam Prep Courses

“A real no-brainer.” That’s what you’ll hear if you ask any Building Trades Education Services student if it’s worth taking our Air conditioning and Mechanical exam prep classes.

What is the secret formula? With a success rate over 99%, how do our tradesmen students become air conditioning contractors? Are there any trade secrets? Special magic formulas? No. You are pretty much guaranteed to pass any state exam because our instructors are experts at making the complicated, simple.

The real “secret” to the success of students like you is “simple knowledge.” Imagine how good it will feel the day of the Florida Air Conditioning exam to look at a complicated equation like (insert actual test equation here!) and be able to answer is as easily as 1+1=2.

Who teaches the class? Our instructors know the AC/HVAC and mechanical trade inside and out. Also, by taking the Florida Air Conditioning and Mechanical exam themselves, our instructors have an edge that we pass onto you.

When and where? In just 4 short days, you will have all the knowledge and test-taking skills necessary to pass this exam. Check out our upcoming Mechanical and Air Conditioning contractors exam prep course schedule here.

EXTRA EXTRA, LEARN ALL ABOUT IT! Did you know that BTES includes the mandatory 2-day Business and Finance Course? Think about it. During those 4 days, you will have everything you need to pass this state exam and take one step closer to becoming a Florida licensed Air Conditioning and Mechanical contractor!

Florida Air Conditioning & Mechanical Exam Prep – License Courses

(Price includes 2 Day Business & Finance Course)

DAYS TRADE Prep Course Price
5 Air Conditioning & Mechanical $1295


Success, Guaranteed. When we say, “We guarantee, you’ll pass the AC Mechanical exam.” We mean it. Our “No Pass. No Pay. Guarantee” is a major reason why contractors come back to BTES. Even if they fail the first time (which happens to 72% of ALL test takers in Florida), you’ll still have a seat in our classroom.

At BTES, our trade is your success.

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