Florida Plumbing Contractor Home Course & Exam Prep

Did you know that over 70% of people who take a Florida Plumbing licensing exam fail? If you want to be a part of the 30% that pass the first time, but don’t have the time to take a live class, then buy the Plumbing Contractor Home Study course from BTES.

Thanks to our 30+ years of teaching experience, we have developed all the tools and tips you’ll need to learn how to take this difficult test. Instead of being overwhelmed with equations, problems, and laws to learn, our home study course simplifies everything so you can learn without being stressed out.

Here are the top benefits you receive when buying the BTES Plumbing Contractor licensing exam home study course:

  • You can learn how to turn complex math into simple 1+1=2 equations
  • Get up-to-date facts and questions based on recent building codes
  • Hundreds of practice questions (with answers)
  • Call our licensing consultants for extra assistance
  • Tabbing and highlighting instructions for faster scanning
  • Step-by-step reference organization instructions
  • Discover time-saving test taking methods

Florida Plumbing Contractor Exam Prep – Home Study Course PRICE = $1215

For Prometric & GITS Exams- Price includes Business & Finance Study Guides!

Give yourself the tools you need to pass the FL Plumbing Contractor Licensing Exam the very first time!

Call BTES today to purchase this home study course: 1-800-832-2496.

Prepare. Learn. Pass.

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NOTE: BTES Home Study Guides DO NOT include the required Plumbing Contractor reference books (We also sell up-to-date reference books!)